Vienna Aquatic Club

Part of Vienna since 1962                                                                                                                                         625 Marshall Rd, SW, Vienna  703-938-4331

Summer Leases

If a member (shareholder) decide to forego use of VAC for a summer season but does not wish to sell the membership (share), the member can "lease" the share for a summer season to a non-member with the transaction conducted by VAC.  

This provides a means for a non-member to use the pool for the entire summer season "as if" they were a member family.  (The member family may not use the facility while the membership is leased; thus balancing capacity.)

There is an annual waiting list to lease shares.  The number of shares to be leased varies from year to year, based on the decisions of individual members.  No member is obligated to lease. 

The waiting list for summer leases (for "next year") typically opens at midnight on the day after the pool closes in the "current" year.  That is, the 2013 summer lease waiting list opened the day after the pool closed in 2012.  Requests are accepted via email.  Please watch the website for specifics and note that the lease list usually closes in mid-October due to the limited number of memberships available for lease.

Note:  "informal" lease transactions conducted without VAC involvement are not valid, will not be recognized, and the supposed lessor will not be allowed to use the VAC facility.